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Double Kick Heroes mixes a shoot'em up with a rhythm game!

The game is in development stage, here we propose prototype versions that we show at exhibitions.

We made this love letter to Q. Tarantino and R. Rodriguez for the Ludum Dare 34!

You must survive on the highway to hell by killing zombies with your gundillac! Struggle throught the levels of total madness, blast the hell train and escape from this nightmare! Only the power of Metal can save your band!

When the yellow dot comes to the fret, play your kick drums by pressing left/right or Z/X to trigger the guns to destroy the zombie crowd before they reach you !

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Dev: BlackMagic ~ David Elahee
Art: Gyhyom ~ Guillaume Breton
Sound & Music & Lead gd: Elmobo ~ Frédéric Motte

Listen to the original soundtrack on bandcamp right here!
Watch the making of on youtube!

Watch the official trailer on youtube

Change log got the Demo #1

  • Too many to track...

Change log for the Gamescom edition ( 0.0.15/16 )

  • Optimizations...optimizations everywhere
  • Brand new ui for the tablature
  • Added a bonus level with the first multi tracks tests. Grenade infused
  • A new bigger worldmap

Change log for the Stunfest edition ( 0.0.11)

  • Added fullscreen support on ALT+ENTER.
  • Added pad and stick support.
  • Added keyboard + gamepad binding menu ( not tested on mac because gamepad support not out of the box )
  • Added sound balance option and manual calibration. Assisted calibration will come later
  • Added light scattering feature on all environments.
  • Added an AI to automatically dub down details if the game slows down. The AI is too dumb so your graphic details might fall violently and never get back, reinstall if need be \M/.
  • Added 3 environments ( Transylvania, Transylvania Hell, Hellifornia )
  • Added 4 mob types.
  • Added the hell train.
  • Added tutorial for weapon chains.
  • Added Worldmap.
  • Added vertical Steering support.
  • Added Boss supports,
  • Dubbed down the difficulty for Stunfest exposition, WARNING the difficulty and level design does not reflect the final game quality and difficulty,
  • Hidden insane mode prototyping levels,
  • Hidden multitrack mechanic levels.
  • We hid the old links for the downloads to minimize version fragmentation, the versions repository remain open and files remains in place, we'll happily send you a download link if you need, feel free to contact us on support@headbang.club

Change log for the Post Jam version:

- Optimisations
- Fixed bug on some level change
- Adjusted difficulty
- Zombis will now always get back to the fold if they are offroad
- The game does now scale gracefully
- Improvements on track 3 & 4
- Deprecated the web jam version ( download still ok )

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Version 35

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